One-on-One Focus Motorcycle Training

Pacific Motorcycle Training

Note: If you are looking for a course to waive your DMV skills test, click here.

Work with one of our trained instructors to improve your motorcycle riding skills. This additional training is ideal for any student or rider who wants to become a more skilled, proficient and safer motorcyclist. These private sessions are tailored for the individual to focus directly on the skills needed to become a better rider.

The sessions take place at the school come in 1, 2 & 3 hour formats. The 2 & 3 hour sessions include a MTC skills retest if desired. You may use your bike or ours.

1 hr - $250
2 hr - $350
3 hr - $450

Bring your own bike or rent one of ours for an additional $50 per session (includes gas/insurance).

Sign up for a 1 hour one-one at Woodland, Livermore, South San Francisco, or Salinas.

Sign up for a 2 hour one-one at Woodland, Livermore, South San Francisco or Salinas.

Limited Special Offer for One-on-One Focus Training packages

Pre-purchase a 4 or 8 hour One-on-One training package and save! All One-on-One instruction packages are divided into 2 hour training sessions. Purchase the 4 hour package and save nearly 15% or take advantage of the 8 hour package and save over 20% off of the full price.

Choose the package that is right for you and call us when you are ready to schedule your training.

4 HR package- $600
8 HR package- $1,100

For New Riders

Learn the basics of riding safely in a controlled environment and receive the certificate that may waive the DMV riding skill test. Our friendly basic riding course was designed for people with zero experience on a motorcycle. We provide motorcycles and helmets for you to learn with.

For Experienced Riders

Become a better—and safer—rider using your own motorcycle with our Intermediate Riding Clinic. Or take your cornering and crash-avoidance skills to the highest level with our Advanced Riding Clinics, taught only by the best certified instructors in the Bay Area!

"Great place to start your way into motorcycles and how to ride properly. Tim, Eric, Chris and Sheila did a great job keeping everybody safe and learning."
― Ramiro Rinaudo
"The basic riding portion of the course was great for a beginner like me. Had never ridden a motorcycle before in my life, but was taught the foundational skills necessary to safely ride. Evie was a wonderful instructor. Highly recommend."
― Eric Wick
"I had very little riding experience and the instructors did a fantastic job of teaching me. The course and instructors are very safety focused and this made me much more comfortable on a motorcycle. I highly recommend the course and Pacific Motorcycle Training!"
― Eric
"Ken and Lisa are amazing instructors both inside and outside the classroom. With over 50 years of combined motorcycle experience they provide excellent and detailed instruction on how to safely handle a motorcycle on the road. They made the course extremely fun and entertaining. I would recommend Pacific Motorcycle training to anyone riding a motorcycle from beginner to veteran. I plan to come back for the Intermediate course in a few years."
― Michael Roberts
"I had ZERO experience on a motorcycle and by the first day of behind the wheel class I was riding!! Great course! It’s a lot to take in but the instructors were very patient, friendly and knowledgeable! Dylan and Tony were awesome!! They had great chemistry and made the course fun!! Tony is super supportive and encouraging and Dylan can be hard on you but when he praises you, you know you did a good job! Love the enthusiasm of those two. Will definitely sign up for the intermediate class in the future."
― Jamie Machado
"Q, Patrick, and Kieran were outstanding! They made the class very engaging and super fun learning environment. The class consisted of 9 students and the instructors did very well managing the group. They showed us great patience and kindness in class whenever we made mistakes. The instructors made sure that you’re capable of doing the riding exercises as safely as possible and develop good habits from it and hoping you’ll be able to apply those habits when you start riding out in the real world. I left feeling more informed than before and boosted my confidence in riding. The Pacific Motorcycle Training facility provided the same motorcycle for all students so there were no complaints about having a heavier bike nor having a taller bike than someone else. It was nice that we all had the same motorcycles because it created equal learning opportunities for everyone. Overall, I had a great experience. Looking forward to taking intermediate and advanced classes in the future!"
― Anna Marie Alyzza Sotio
"Instructors (Chris and Sheila) were awesome, knowledgeable but also used humor and personal stories to help us remember things better. Learning how to ride on the range was much more intense than I expected - went from learning what the clutch and throttle is on the bike to practicing weaving around cones, taking a quick turn, upshifting and then swerving past an obstacle in the road. Great class overall!"
― Zohaib Khan

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